Our Appreciated Clients

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We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

We seek to build relationships with partners that extend beyond the life of a single project. Our focus is on collaboration. We believe that internal and external success comes through effective teamwork among staff, clients, funders and partners.

CHINAR – Bongs Prayukti

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Recent Posts

Urban Heat Island and Drone operations

Urbanization is often referred to as the development of human habitats in todays’ world.  One of the major characteristics of urbanization includes the change of natural land cover with dense concentrations of built environment i.e. buildings, pavementand other surfaces. These surfaces absorb and retain heat causing Urban Heat Island Effect. Urbanization whilst intends in providing quality of life for humans,…

What could be the story of an Aatmanirbhar city?

This Story – A Dream? A Reality? A Future? What could be the story of an Aatmanirbhar city? Once upon a time, there was a city called Adumaba wherein the local government of Adumaba was known as Aadumaba Municipal Corporation. The AMC leaders had carried out an economic development feasibility study for their community and it was their hope that…

What are drones used for in surveying ?

What are drones used for in surveying ? Drones have the ability to capture high resolution and accurate data quickly and easily which can be processed in software to produce orthomosaics or 3D models. It can also extract minute details and features like sign boards, curbs, road markers, drains etc. So, let’s know in detail where all drones can be…