Solutions for Infrastrcture deveopment

AccionLAND provides a range of cost-effective solutions for specific applications within the civil engineering and consultancy sectors.
The lack of infrastructure is hindering the economic growth in many developing countries in the region. Infrastructure investment has the effects of contributing to increasing productivity and it is expected to contribute to future economic growth where infrastructure is still insufficient. Therefore, infrastructure development is one of the most integral parts of public policies in developing countries. Supporting infrastructure development in developing countries is an extremely important field. Good infrastructure helps to raise productivity and lower costs in the directly productive activities of the economy, but it has to be expanded fast enough to meet the demand for infrastructure in the early stage of development. Construction expense for infrastructures such as energy and transportation sector is enormous and the construction period is also long. Prediction of demand pattern and investment allocation, which are the key factors of infrastructure development planning, must be based on a long term economic development trend and land use planning, which predicts the country’s temporal and spatial demographics and economic structure.
Construction of roads, railways, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications, renewable energy, and communication created jobs and stimulated the economy of the region, and thereby increasing total regional production. And infrastructure investment was able to reduce the production costs indirectly and raise their productivity, and it raised the production in the region.
AccionLAND has established a track record in providing design, project management, and technical support for infrastructure to all types of developments. Such as drafting a methodology for selecting projects for auditing and impact assessment/quality control, reporting and analysis about the status of both the credit line and the projects that have received financing, designing and delivering training to municipalities regarding how to obtain and use the credit lines.
The added value of our company is history in the establishment of longstanding partnerships with our clients and partners, which is the result of dedication, selfless and great work.