About Us

About us


AccionLAND Private Limited is an ambidextrous organisation that synergies wide spectra of knowledge domains. AccionLAND specializes in Fast Track Consultancy, Infrastructure Planning, Advisory, and related services in variety of sectors. AccionLAND is headed by a team of technocrats having who believe in providing action-oriented solutions. Together AccionLAND is a living laboratory that induces innovation and disruption in consulting industry for a better world.


AccionLAND is a lab that utilizes action, innovation & engineering as an approach for bridging science and society.


Action to Better :
We do what matters by performing significant task and work

Together :
We respect each other and draw strength from our differences.

Innovation :
Using multi-disciplinary knowledge & technology for providing optimal solutions

Ownership :
By taking responsibility of task with effective time and optimum output

Precision and Clarity :
By professional commitment to quality, accuracy, and impact

Our Collaborators

The challenges we seek to solve are complex and can only be solved successfully through cooperation. From rule of law expertise to connections to local peacebuilders, our Collaborators play a critical role in our programs and our shared succes