Solutions for sustainable agriculture development & food security :

There is a growing focus on embracing technology that contributes in accelerating agriculture growth and address the challenges of a growing population, rapid urbanization and the larger agenda of food security.

AccionLAND provides technical and consulting solutions to government and private enterprises engaged in agriculture and insurance. We provide integrated agri-intelligence solutions for the agri-value chain and address impending issues like food security, sustainable livelihood development and climate smart agriculture. We engage a multidisciplinary team comprising of agronomists, pedologists, entomologists, plantation experts, agri-economists, agri-statisticians, soil, and livelihood experts.

AccionLAND adopts a conjunctive approach of using geospatial technology and statistical methods coupled with field surveys to deliver agri-solutions in a quick turnaround time while maintaining the highest quality standards, thus, translating into optimal cost savings for the client

Accionland gis services shall soon play important role in crop production throughout the world by helping farmers in increasing production, reducing costs, and managing their land resources more efficiently. GIS application in agriculture such as agricultural mapping plays a vital role in monitoring and management of soil and irrigation of any given farm land.

Natural Resource Information and Management

  • Soil survey, mapping and quality assessment
  • Crop survey and spatial distribution mapping
  • Detailed land use and land cover mapping
  • Cropping pattern and change detection analysis

Agri-Information for Supply Chain Management

  • Crop acreage estimation
  • Crop yield modeling and production estimation
  • Crop health monitoring

Training and Capability Development

  • Crop, soil and land use survey
  • RS and GIS techniques for agri-information
  • Statistical Methods in NRM

Feasibility and Planning Studies

  • Crop, soil and land use survey
  • Location intelligence  based on RS and GIS techniques for decision making 
  • Statistical modelling based techno-commercial reports
 Suitability and planning studies

We provide Suitability and planning studies utilize the present soil conditions or parameters and determine the appropriateness of a given area for a particular crop cultivation.

Our experts conduct suitability studies that provide valuable land evaluation information such as suitable land use practices, indicators for crops, water usage, types of pesticides and assessment of nutrient demands for promoting use of regional fertilizers etc. Key areas include:

    • Baseline survey and mapping
    • Crop production improvement planning
    • Water resource development planning
    • Land use development planning
Soil suitability
Assessment of Climate Change Induced Spatio-Temporal Shifts in Natural and Agro-ecosystems.

Our climate change experts provide assessment of climate change induced spatio-temporal shifts in natural ecosystems and agro-ecosystems using internationally recognized natural and agro ecosystems modeling approaches. We also help our clients in understanding the implications of these changes for their development planning.

Agri-Information for Supply Chain Management

Accionland offers country-wide reliable agri-intelligence data on crop acreage, yield and cropping pattern to agri-stakeholders including planners, insurance companies and policy makers. This information offers an accurate understanding to the client for taking business decisions across the agri value chain viz. procurement, storage, public distribution, export, import and many other related issues. We provide:

    • Crop acreage estimation
    • Crop yield and production estimation
    • Crop stress and health monitoring