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Why Choose Us?

We are a group of engineers Aim is to deploy knowledge on ground.


Accionland best-in aerial photogrammetry and photogrammetric services.

Photogrammetry allows you to make reliable measurements of physical objects and landscape from photographs, refine them and apply them in GIS creation, mapping and topographic 3-D models of terrains. Input data are obtained from Aerial Photography, LiDAR and Satellite Imagery.


Accionland has guided several clients from outdated file based GIS systems.

Accionland is an Independent GIS System Integrator and focuses on end to end offerings in geospatial information services. Our offerings includes GIS Consultancy Services, GIS System Development & Implementation, off-the-rack Integration, Testing & Maintenance for various verticals.


Our surveyors are use most advanced equipment on the field.

At Accionland, surveying is done for the trickiest sites with a team of in-house surveyors, engineers and regulatory staff. Follow our surveyors on the field, and you shall be a witness to the most advanced equipment used for the tasks underhand, and precision to achieve results.


BIM provides key insights related to costs and design, from the very beginning.

It allows everyone involved in the building life cycle – architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and building owners – to sync together allowing them to view the model in different ways and seamlessly share information.

Infrastructure Development

It is a platform to formulating and implementing strategies aimed at the attainment of overall development.

Infrastructure is a key thrust to alleviate the day by day challenges & issues faced by urban/rural area place by augmenting, improving & retrofitting the present infrastructure of a place.

IT & communication experts

Our GIS platform offering a complete GIS solution that runs on your infrastructure with your systems & complies with standards.

With the web version, the platform is hosted on a cloud which means syncing and exchange of crucial geographic information can happen on the go, without the need to handle cumbersome server maintenance.